Which is better Public or Private Detectives

“Which is better Public or Private Detectives?”. Each of the types of detectives has their own set of rules and requirements. And each gives us as readers a unique perspective to the story they are participating in. Private detectives are generally self-trained, apprentice with someone who already is a private detective and has more flexibility in accomplishing their investigative goals. Depending on the type of agency the private detectives belong to there might be some limitations as to money. An independent self employed private detective usually has financial limitations unless they are independently wealthy, of course. Those employed by an agency has the financial backing of the company but may end up only doing boring routine stuff. Most private detectives do employee background checks, forensic accounting investigations, follow cheating spouses or try to find missing people after the police have given up. They are not supposed to break the law but they, generally, don’t have a lot of rules that they have to follow to get their job done. And finally, they rarely get shot at.

Public detectives are employed by city, state and federal agencies must go through a rigorous training and educational program, go through years on the street patrols or probation as newbie agents. Their basic function is to investigate crimes of all kinds, catch criminals and find missing people. They have very specific rules on how to do their jobs and must follow the law. All of these detectives has access to their equipment, computers and databases. Sometimes, depending on the budget, that can be a good or bad thing. They can go into a bad situation everyday. They deal with all kinds of people everyday and have lots of stories to tell.

I like stories about both kinds of detectives and at one time or another have thought about becoming both kinds myself. If you want to find out more about becoming a private detective then you have to contact your state’s licensing bureau for the requirements in the state in which you live. http://www.pimagazine.com/private_investigator_license_requirements.html
For the Public Detectives you have to go to the agency you wish to be employed by to find our their requirements but to get a summary you can look here: http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/33-3021.01

Finally, to answer the question of: “Which is better Public or Private Detectives?” is that it depends. That’s right, it depends on what you are looking for, your personality, your abilities, etc. And as for us readers when we want a private detective story we read some Kinsey Milhone or V.I. Warshawski. If we want to read about public detectives we can read about Eve Dallas or Joanna Brady.

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