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I do so like to read a good detective novel of almost any kind. But one that features a female heroine is even better. We all like to put ourselves in the role of the characters we read about and we wonder what their authors are like as well. Youtube is a place that you can find videos of authors being interviewed, lecturing in front of groups, and fans doing “what-if” videos on their favorite characters. I have recently re-watched a 2010 Q&A session by one of my favorite writers Laurell K. Hamilton. She is in touch with her fans through her website, she tweets and even has a blog. She is also on Facebook: The recorded session was during one of her book tours for Bullet in Chicago in 2010 and it has 2 hours of her and sometimes her husband answering fan questions. It is a great video but being on Youtube it is broken into 14 parts. She has other videos and even an official channel in the link below. It would be nice if all of our favorite authors had a Youtube channel. It is great to see and her them take about their books, their characters, and their life.

Here is there first one. If you like it and want to see more then just go to:

Here’s a newer video with Laurell at a University Bookstore

Another writer that I love to read is Sara Paretsky’s and her character V I Warshawski. Ms. Paretsky has her own website with a blog that she writes on fairly regularly: As far as I know she doesn’t tweet though. She doesn’t have her own official channel on but she has lots of interviews by various people on the site. Sara has a facebook page but she does not use it or what they call taken possession of it. It is only a page someone created for her with her picture a little biography from wiki and a link to her website.

Here is a short 20-minute interview video with Sara Paretsky

The last author we’re reviewing today is another one of my all time favorites, Nora Roberts a.k.a. J.D. Robb. I love her writing and her interviews and fan created videos are all over but she doesn’t have an official channel. However because she is so popular Youtube has created a channel for her that has over 300 different videos associated with her books, her interviews and even the movies made from her books.

And here’s another interview from 2013

Of course, she has her own website as Nora Roberts and as J.D. Robb with a blog attached. She also has an official facebook page: but I don’t think she has her own twitter account.

It is nice to have your favorite author accessible at least as far as keeping their fans updated on what’s happening, where they will be and some of them even answer emails.

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