Lyn Hamilton vs Lara McClintoch

Lyn Hamilton wrote fiction tales about her character Lara McClintoch. Lyn was an avid archeology enthusiast and studied cultural and physical anthropology in colleget. She didn’t begin her career in writing until her 50’s but wrote consistently until a year or two before she passed away. Her main character, Lara, is not a “detective” per se but she does seem to get involved in some rather interesting situations. You wouldn’t think that an antiques dealer would come across dead bodies or go out and solve crimes but this one does. I have read several of Ms. Hamilton’s books but not all of them, yet! She includes references to old stories or myths within the region. The latest one was entitled “The Orkney Scroll” where Lara ends up going to some islands off the coast of Scotland to solve a riddle that is over 1000 years old and of course, a murder as well. Continue reading “Lyn Hamilton vs Lara McClintoch”