Alex The Fey

TheFeyAlex the Fey Series is written by Claudia Hall Christian. It is a great thriller series with a strong female lead named Alexandra Hargreaves. She is a tough, smart, and feisty Special Forces commander and part of an elite team that travels the world rescuing hostages, mostly American, wherever they may be. Her home life is important to her and she makes sure the men in her command are able to have a fulfilling personal life as well. The story centers around Alex, her family and her fellow soldiers. Yes, the story is fiction but it is more than possible that women can be as motivated, smart and skilled as any man. She is in a unique position of authority in that she isn’t on a battlefield but provides intelligence for those who are, in her spare time. She also suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but with counseling, her friends and family, and her strength of will she is dealing with it in a realistic fashion. It is nice to read about a believable character dealing with these everyday issues and coming out the other side. She treats her men as she would like to be treated and expects them to do their jobs, protect each other, and come home safe. What more can you ask of soldier?
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Check Out Our Bookstore

We have been doing some rearranging here at the Women Detectives Blog. We have added some new products to our bookstore that you might find pretty interesting. Not only have we bookmarked our favorite authors books but we have added non-fiction books and accessories for the private or public detective in you. If you are a writer or someone who would like to become a public or private investigator you should read some of these books and get some of this equipment. From handcuffs to handgun holsters, from lock picks to video recording sunglasses, and books about private investigations to crime scene forensics. These are by no means a complete list of what may be needed but it is a pretty comprehensive list. Look through the different categories and tell us what you think!

When you are doing research for a detective or mystery book you need to have information about police procedures, forensic techniques, equipment available for surveillance as well as knowledge about guns, poisons and human behavior. If you want to become a police officer or private investigator in real life you will need to know the same things. Information in books are a way to start but is by no means a substitute for experience. Buying the equipment and practicing the techniques in the books will put you on the path to becoming a professional in the field. Besides some of the things are just plain cool.

Happy New Year

We hope that you and yours have had a safe and happy holiday season. Now we are back to the grind and discussing new topics for post today and in the future. We are working on some things and hope to be posting on a more regular basis. We also hope you have been reading your favorite characters and would like to participate in some lively discussions. And we are still hoping to interview female detectives this year.
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Updates to Websites

Updates for women detectives information blog

We have been adding more and more things to the blog. We have added some pages with some great information as well as a bookstore of stories we will be talking about in future posts. This blog is for those who love women detective’s fiction as well as getting information of women detectives in real life. Most of us have some kind of fantasy of becoming a detective. Why not explore the possibilities in real life as well as fiction. Now a days we have some great writers who feature female detectives of all kinds. These authors feature different women becoming detectives with local police forces, government agencies and in private areas as well. Who hasn’t read Sue Grafton’s female detective Kinsey Milhone or James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club police detective Lindsay Boxer.

Checking over the various websites of my favorite authors I have to say that Sue Grafton’s Website is a spectacular example of PI efficiency. Check it out at:
It is way cool with the graphics, the layout and the information for an avid fan or a new comer as well.
James Patterson on the otherhand, writes about more than one character. His website space for the Women’s Murder Club is informative but just a straight website. There is some interesting tidbits about the characters that is always nice to read about.

Patricia Cornwell is another author that I like to read who has several characters she writes about but my favorite is the Medical Examiner, Kay Scarpetta, who is a brilliant detective in her own right. Her website is pretty great as well. Cool graphics and informative information keep her fans engaged. Her stories are great to read again and again. I like the earlier stories of this character better that the last few. Check out her site at:

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Welcome to Women Detectives Blog

Welcome message for those who read and write women detective fiction.

Welcome all those who love fiction with Women Detectives as the main character.  There are several different types of women detectives in fiction.  This Blog is for those of us who read, write or know a woman detective. We see them on TV, read about them in books and some of us will research them for books, tv or maybe even to become one.  There are women detectives on the police force and their are women detectives in the private sector.  We will be exploring all of them.  If you are a writer of women detective fiction feel free to submit your stories for review.  We hope to encourage more people to include more women detectives in mystery fiction as well as real life.  We may end of concentrating in more one area or another but for now we will leave it open to all areas.

To participate and make comments you must sign-on as a subscriber.  If you would like to participate a little more you can become a contributor by using the CONTACT US form

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