What Makes a Good Detective Story

Whether the main hero is a male or female, there are certain elements of a good fictional detective story that are the same for any great tale. To me a great fiction story has a main character that has flaws and quirks. He or she must have a code that they live by. It may not be a conventional code but they live by their own set of rules. Another thing a great detective story should have is an interesting setting. It all comes down to how writer describes the surroundings in the story. The use of rich descriptive words helps the reader get into the story and be in the story. We want to feel something for the characters, to be able to root for the good guy, Finally, the good guys should always win in the end. The main reason that we read a book or listen to a story is to be entertained, to come out of ourselves for just a little while. Continue reading “What Makes a Good Detective Story”

VI Warshawski PI

SaraParetskyVI Warshawski PI was one of the first female private investigators that I read and enjoyed after Nancy Drew. The series is written by Sara Paretsky. Victoria Iphigenia “Vic” “V. I.” Warshawski was raised on the southside of Chicago whose father was a police officer and her mother was an Italian opera singer. She attended law school, was a public defender who moved into the private investigation game. With both parents deceased and a disastrous first and only marriage this lady is a hard working, hit-and-missing loving lady who shares two dogs with your downstairs neighbor a retired 80 year old machinist. Along with her regular duties of skip tracing, a couple of missing persons, and insurance fraud investigations she gets roped into a few murder mysteries along the way.

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Georgia Bureau of Investigations

GeorgiaBureauInvestigationsGeorgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) supports the state’s criminal justice system in the areas of criminal investigations, forensic laboratory services and computerized criminal justice information. The bureau is divided into the following divisions: Investigative Division, Georgia Crime Information Center, Division of Forensic Sciences, Medical Examiner’s Office and the Crisis Intervention Team. You can read all about the bureau at their website at: http://gbi.georgia.gov/

GBI Investigative Division has Special agents that respond to requests for assistance from local law enforcement officials to investigate major crimes throughout Georgia.Specialized Units within the division include Child Exploitation and Computer Crimes Unit, Commercial Gambling Unit, Financial Investigations Unit, GA Information Sharing Analysis Center, Major Theft Unit, Polygraph Unit, Special Operations Unit and Training Unit. There is a miscellaneous section with the At-Risk Adult Abuse, Bingo Coordinator, Body Recovery Team, Child Abduction Response Team, Child Abuse Specialist, Crisis Intervention Team, Crime Scene Specialist, Document and Benefit Fraud, Forensic Art, Identity Theft, Social Security Fraud and Counter Terrorism Task Force.”
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Kinsey Millhone PI

SueGraftonKinsey Millhone, PI is another one of my favorite mystery series. This one is written by Sue Grafton. The series is Ms. Grafton’s one and only mystery series that she has written since the beginning of her career in 1982. She is a quite a good, dependable private eye who does the usual things like skip tracing, background checks, insurance fraud investigations with the occasional foray into murder. Sue Grafton has kept her character stuck in a small town in southern California during 1980s which was great for the first 10 years or so but private investigations and people have progressed a lot over the last 30 years. Still, they are pretty great stories to read and, of course, like with all the series I love I will re-read them all again at least once a year.
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Florida Highway Patrol

FHPFlorida Highway Patrol is mainly concerned with all vehicular traffic on our state and national highways throughout the state. Yea, mostly they deal with speeders and traffic accidents but there is more to this branch of law enforcement than just keeping people safe while they travel our major roadways. More information on that is below. The Patrol is authorized for 1,946 sworn positions and 529 non-sworn positions. In 2013, they patrolled 31,654,272 miles and investigated 213,024 crashes. Florida had less than two million residents in 1939, while today we have over 19 million with more than 90 million visitors to our state each year. You can find out more on their website at: http://www.flhsmv.gov/florida-highway-patrol/about-fhp/ The information on wiki states that there are only 10% of the employees are female but doesn’t say if they are sworn or non-sworn employees. The Florida State Law Enforcement Demographics Survey for 2015 list 211 female employees all within the Florida Department Of Highway Safety And Motor Vehicles but again not how many are troopers and/or investigators.
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