Watching Writers on YouTube

I do so like to read a good detective novel of almost any kind. But one that features a female heroine is even better. We all like to put ourselves in the role of the characters we read about and we wonder what their authors are like as well. Youtube is a place that you can find videos of authors being interviewed, lecturing in front of groups, and fans doing “what-if” videos on their favorite characters. I have recently re-watched a 2010 Q&A session by one of my favorite writers Laurell K. Hamilton. She is in touch with her fans through her website, she tweets and even has a blog. Continue reading “Watching Writers on YouTube”

Which is better Public or Private Detectives

“Which is better Public or Private Detectives?”. Each of the types of detectives has their own set of rules and requirements. And each gives us as readers a unique perspective to the story they are participating in. Private detectives are generally self-trained, apprentice with someone who already is a private detective and has more flexibility in accomplishing their investigative goals. Depending on the type of agency the private detectives belong to there might be some limitations as to money. An independent self employed private detective usually has financial limitations unless they are independently wealthy, of course. Those employed by an agency has the financial backing of the company but may end up only doing boring routine stuff. Most private detectives do employee background checks, forensic accounting investigations, follow cheating spouses or try to find missing people after the police have given up. They are not supposed to break the law but they, generally, don’t have a lot of rules that they have to follow to get their job done. And finally, they rarely get shot at. Continue reading “Which is better Public or Private Detectives”

Private Investigator Requirements

I think all of us who read and enjoyed detective fiction wonder what it would be like to be a private investigator in real life. I was researching on the web and came across this website called the Professional Investigator’s Magazine. They have a link to each state’s website that states what the requirements are to become a private investigator in that state. You may have to poke around on the sites until you find the information that you require as the editor just linked to the main page of the licensing department. Surprisingly there are a couple of states that do no have formal licensing requirements. Those states are Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota and Wyoming. Continue reading “Private Investigator Requirements”

List of Female Detectives

Wiki has a great listing of female writers and female detectives in fiction. First you should view the listing of female writers of detective fiction by clicking here: The listing is arranged alphabetically and is quite long. There are some great information about the writers and a listing of the titles of their books. Some writers have more information than others of course. If you would like to add information on your favorite writer you might want to join the wiki community and add whatever you can that will help keep other readers informed. Continue reading “List of Female Detectives”

What Makes a Good Detective Story

Whether the main hero is a male or female, there are certain elements of a good fictional detective story that are the same for any great tale. To me a great fiction story has a main character that has flaws and quirks. He or she must have a code that they live by. It may not be a conventional code but they live by their own set of rules. Another thing a great detective story should have is an interesting setting. It all comes down to how writer describes the surroundings in the story. The use of rich descriptive words helps the reader get into the story and be in the story. We want to feel something for the characters, to be able to root for the good guy, Finally, the good guys should always win in the end. The main reason that we read a book or listen to a story is to be entertained, to come out of ourselves for just a little while. Continue reading “What Makes a Good Detective Story”